minimum age of admission in nursery is 4 years at the time of admission. As for other classes admission is on the basis of transfer certificates and entrance test.

1.Admission is granted purely on merit.
2.For Admission, Registration, Test, Personal Interview is essential.
3. The Date & Time for registration, Test Personal interview and Admission will be displayed on the “Notice Board”
4.Admission is possible if there is a particular vacancy in a class.
5. Parents/Guardians have to be abided by the rules and regulations are amendment from time to time. The School management is fully entitled to have any change regarding the instruction and directions.
6. Prospectus and application forms for registration will be available from the school office.

Date of Fee Collection

1. Fees are collected from 1st. to 10th. Of the first month of every quarter. If the 10th falls on holidays the next opening day will be fee collection day without late fee.
2. Parents and guardians have to remit the school fee and the other charges by the fixed time in school periods if not the name of the students will be struck off from the roll.

Fine For Late Payment

1. If pupils fail to deposit the fee till the 10th of the first month of every quarter Rs. 1 will be charged for each day, including holiday as late fine.
2. If a pupil fails to deposit the fee till 30th of the same month, the student name will be struck off from the roll. A readmission fee Rs. 50/- will be charged if admitted again.

School Uniform

For Boys- 1. Steel grey full pant, Light check full shirts, Tie, Belt, Black Shoes, White socks.
2.Red Sweater or Blazer (In Winter).
3. White Full pant, T-shirts, white shoes and white socks. (Wednesday & Saturday)
For Girls– 1. Steel gray Skirt, Light Check Shirt, Tie, Belt Black Shoes, White Socks.
2. Red Sweater or cardigan
3.White Skirt, T-Shirt, white shoes and white socks (Wednesday & Saturday)