A.S.M. Convent School is an ideal school for boys and girls run by Awadhesh Singh Memorial Society and Sewa Samiti. It is an English Medium School of element standard for quality education with special emphasis on characters building and personality development. Children will be imported such type of education that may cultivate self confidence, self discipline nationality, good habits and creative activities. On demand of gentry of Sukhpura it is established in 2010. The school has classes from LKG to 8th. All necessary facilities needed for imparting quality education have been arranged.

Aims And Objectives Of The School

  • It is not a centre of trade it is such a holy place where the pupils of the school are imparted such type of education that the process of which tends to train to complete man to the excellence of his/her natural facilities and act embraced by our motto.
  • To develop a sense of personal hygiene and proper physical development among the students.
  • To create qualities of initiatives, them work, self reliance to build up a perfect character both in theory and practice.
  • To provide health education to the student with a view to develop, God fearing and worthy Indian citizens.